How To Build Big Relationship with Small Gatherings

with Nick Gray

Nick Gray is an entrepreneur who famously founded Museum Hack. His latest book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, teaches anybody how to host the perfect house party. We talk about how you can host parties and expand your network simply and easily. Nick's book is an Amazon bestseller in three categories, including Event Planning.

Nick's book is a near flawless approach to hosting a cocktail party. You can find out everything you want and more about the book here:

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[00 :50] How Nick Gray started as a great party host.

[03:20] Nick's book about the formula for hosting the perfect party.

[05:27] The number of gatherings that Nick hosted in a month.

[06:12] Handling introverts in the party business.

[08:31] The beauty of having a start time and a hard end time of a party.

[10:02] How does hosting a party help freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owner?

[12:05] Why should one host or attend a party?

[13:24] Attendance ratio, saved by the book.

[15:25] Nick's favorite success stories.

[18:06] the number 1 fear of a new host.

[19:10] the harmonica!

[20:24] Nick Gray said No to this podcast.

[23:41] Habits to living an epic life

[26:36] A notebook person.

[28:01] The Two-Hour Cocktail Party


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"...I wasn't very like popular or cool in high school or in I started experimenting and through trial and error and hosting hundreds of different events and dinner parties...and got best results and I think that ultimately, I'm obsessed with it (cocktail party format) coz I love to meet new people and like to sort of introduce my friends together. That really brought me joy. "

"...that it's not our three best friends that are giving us the most business, right? It's actually the inverse of like the 80:20 rule. Where it's like these people that we don't spend time with that we just know through LinkedIn and social media. They are the ones who refer and recommend us for new business.."

"...for him hosting the party directly lead him being invited on a ski trip which was a top life memory for him..."

"it's not about the money I'm earning necessarily but it's about the quality of people that I surround myself with and the experiences that I am having..." - Phillip