Quitting Social Media for a Year

With Chad Brown

Chad Brown is an entrepreneur and business coach of 8 years, who believes work-life balance is a lie and teaches work-life integration.


[00:30] Introduction

[01:06] Chad Brown as a Life coach for men

[03:17] The coaching world

[03:44] Randomly meeting Chad Brown

[04:04] Shutting down social media

[06:56] Life after quitting social media

[07:25] Benefits of being offline

[09:09] The shoulds that shouldn't

[10:29] The should, the shame and the ego

[12:12] The Alaskan Bachelor Party

[13:11] The sexy stuff

[14:17] The key to staying young

[16:26] Work-Life balance is a lie

[18:52] How to: Work-Life Integration

[20:34] Make an agreement with your partner

[22:41] Converting a school bus into a tiny home

[23:46] In 10-15 years...

[24:47] Coaching Pricing for Chad

[27:25] Chad's Invitation to Men

[28:01] A Philosophy major

[28:54] What is the opposite of curiosity?

[30:33] The improv

[32:30] Chad Brown's state of mind as a life coach

[34:30] Does it ever stop?

[36:00] The idea of finality


Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/@lovealwaysadventureoften172/featured

Phil's Newsletter

Quitting Social Media for a Year with Chad Brown


"Life happens in paradox...everything happens in contradictions and in gray areas so you know whenever you give up something like social media it's just the likenesss to other things in life too. Whenever you give up something like that or choose a different direction you're making sacrifices but also reaping benefits.."

"don't should all over yourself..."

"if you can exit that game [should mentality] then there's so much sort of underlying shame and pressure that we're freeing ourselves from..."

"the language we use shows our world view or the way that the world occurs for us..."

"The shame doesn't exist in the social media platform, so if shame is your racket in social media even if you leave it and you don't deal with why you are racking yourself with shame, why you're building a self-made prison, it's just gonna show up in other places."

"...and relationships are build in presence and communication and consistency" "your experiences start to match the people you surround yourself with..."

"the key to living a long life or like maintaining your youth is experiencing new things"

"[regularity] but if you can turn that off and get curious...then we can see moments in our everyday life and do things that we've never done before that could be saying hi or starting a conversation with a stranger or even taking a different drive to the office, it's so powerful"

"work-life balance is a lie, welcome to work-life integration"

"my invitation to men is to create the life that they want, not a life by default, but a life that they love and they're excited about"

"it can be exhausting, but I believe that seeing it as exhusting is a choice"

"The more you resist the idea of the finality of death, the more disconnected from life you will be."